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We network with other businesses and individuals for exchange of business referrals and trading services in the Worldwide Foreign Exchange Market.

W.R.E.N. is a leading provider of services in the Worldwide Foreign Exchange Market, or Forex Market.

W.R.E.N. is also active in networking with other businesses and individuals for mutual benefit.

W.R.E.N. provides opportunities for distributorship of various online products and an associated group of business-minded individuals for networking.

What is the Forex Market? It is a three trillion dollar a day global market occurring 24 hours a day, in which large amounts of the world's currencies are exchanged back and forth. The major players are international banks which are earning enormous profits.

At W.R.E.N., we maintain the required relationships in the interbank market which allow us to have access to the International Forex Market for our clients.

Our clients must have a minimum investment of US $10,000, and there is no limit for the maximum investment.

The client's investment is professionally managed by a Portfolio Manager selected by the client after obtaining all satisfactory information regarding the investment.

The client's investment earns profit through the trading services of the Portfolio Manager.

We trade four currencies: British Pound, Japanese Yen, Swiss Franc, and German Deutschemark 24 hours a day in the Asian, European and American markets.

We make our trading decisions based on highly reliable information systems, which are used by international banks, and provide us with accurate up to the moment price data and worldwide economic news which allow us to determine the short, long and medium term trends for each currency that we trade, on a 24 hour basis.

Our Portfolio Managers have no less than seven years' experience exclusively trading in the Forex Market, and have been providing these services since 1986. Our Professionals have experienced major world events concurrently with forex trading, such as the Gulf War, and the Soviet Coup attempt, among others, including the changing US regulation of this market occurring since 1990.

We provide comprehensive Customer Services with emphasis on customer satisfaction and long term relationships. Our customers can have access to their individual Trader/Portfolio Manager by telephone, fax or e-mail. Statements of trading results on customers' accounts can be mailed to customers on a daily or weekly basis at the customer's choice.

With our business goal of exchanging resources, W.R.E.N. has an individualized incentive program for each of our customers on a long term basis.

For more detailed information, and how to become a customer of W.R.E.N., please contact W.R.E.N. at (415) 835-9426 and ask for a Portfolio Manager, or send e-mail to W.R.E.N..

(World Resource Exchange Networks)
1750 Montgomery Street, # 1123
San Francisco, CA 94111

(415) 835-9426

e-mail: wren@forexresource.com

W.R.E.N. is a member of:

World Trade Center
San Francisco Chamber of Commerce
Better Business Bureau
The People's Network

W.R.E.N.'s Commitments:

Excellent and Comprehensive Customer Services.
Provide free information to the public on investments in the Foreign Exchange Market.
Provide Quality Forex trading services.
Help other businesses to grow through networking.
Reward individuals and businesses for their referrals.
Build and maintain long term business relationships.

W.R.E.N. welcomes U.S. resident, non U.S. resident, and all international customers worldwide. Investment deposits may be made through bank wire transfer or by international money order. Personal checks are also accepted from U.S. Bank accounts.